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Supporters of the Venture-Project-Thesis

 (UST_2 3D printer construction, R&D for UST_2, PhD Thesis, etc)


Institutional supporters

Date Name of the institution   Type*

Two types of supporters are helping the UST_2 project:


Individual supporters and Institutional supporters.


Each type can be either:

Uplifting or Sponsor supporters*.


Main 'Sponsors Supporters' are granted with a logo-link at the bottom of the site. The size and position of the logo depends on: i) the amount of contribution, the moment of the contribution (earlier Donations have higher value than subsequent) and iii) the economical health of the contributor. Contributors may obtain a future reward as non-profit funds destined to other non-profit organizations. See the 'Donations' link.





List of donors to the crowdfunding campaign : '3d-Printed Clean Fusion Energy for the World'. December 2013


Name Other data

Cristobal Belles

Ivan Podadera

David Rapisarda

Juan A. Jimenez

Jose Ferreira

Luis Rios

Edilberto Sanchez

Victor Tribaldos

Bernardo Zurro

Amelia Solsona

Jose Carlos Rivas






'Other soon'

If any contributor would like to be removed or added to the list, please, send e-mail ('Contact' tab)



Individual supporters

Date Name Post Institution T*
Cristobal Belles


Bernardo Zurro

"Científico Titular" in

Lab.Nacional de Fusión


21-06-12 José Ferreira Plasma-Wall & vacuum Engineer  


27-06-12 Frédéric Brochard Permanent researcher Institut Jean Lamour U


* Uplifting Supporters ('U') are individuals or institutions that encourage, promote, help or believe in the UST_2 Venture-Project-Thesis.

* Sponsor Supporters ('S'): Individuals or institutions who fund or provide resources for the Venture-Project-Thesis.







UST_2 Sponsors

Sponsor policy

Supporters of UST_2
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