Time used in each activity in the development  of  UST_1    



Abstract :  Table of the time required to study, design, order, assembly, test, pulses, publish and other from the beginnig of July 2005 until 31 August 2006. It is the period after the first rough ideas for UST_1 until correct  magnetic surfaces were obtained. 




  Notes about the table


   Some hours that belong to particular activities are included in the general design and test concept.

Other part of activities are included in not classified issues.



   The total time in this table  is  2606 hours . It is the time more focussed in the development of UST_1.


   Part of the time dedicated to simulation is clearly devoted to the design of the stellarator while other simulations are not necessary and they were run only to learn and better understand stellarators.


   Time dedicated to vacuum systems was quite long because all the elements are extremely expensive if not partially or totally built in-site. Moreover  means are poor and it must be obtained the best to be successful.





  Description of the activity   Total  
Simulation : particles, trapped particles, optimization, Bmin, coils (modular, classical), e-beam, Iota, other. 440
Vacuum study, order elements, assembly, improve, meassure, lealks test and seal 378
  CNC think, design and construction   264  
Learn, study, calculate, first ideas, think, (not assigned to particular parts) 196
  Vacuum vessel : ideas, design, solder, ports, rings   102  
e-gun study, construction, improvement, installation, 105
  Orders, invoices, ask for estimations   158  
  Publish on the web   76  
  mould for plaster, plaster   46  
  Produce pulses   74  
  Coils : design, test, conductor built   54  
Data acquisition 61
ECRH : study, calculate, design, assembly, test (not the total, ~twice in year 2007) 69
  Mechanise grooves   35  
  Digital camera + PC + start   21  
  Not classified + auxiliary + minor activities   527  
  Total   2606 hours






I thank to the individuals that help with their time, with helpful explanations and discussions.








Date of publication 30-04-2007