Cost  of  UST_1  stellarator    



Abstract :  The cost of each system in UST_1 and some particular elements is tabulated. Some prices are unknown because the elements were loaned or offered free. The total cost of materials for the vacuum vessel, coil grooves, windings and power supplies is 350€ and the cost of the vacuum system 1600€ . 




  Table of costs 


Meaning of columns:

nş : number of units of the product

Unit price : the cost per unit

Total  : Cost of the product including transport cost from the origin to Spain and in case, import taxes and charges.




Meanings in the table:

used = second hand, used or surplus element.

repaired = the item did not work when received and was repaired in-site. These items are very low cost ebay items without warranty.

Transp. = transport





* The transport cost of some ebay items, usually coming from Germany, UK, USA and even from Singapour is higher than the item itself.

* Some elements were free mechanised by some companies, for example 6 flanges for the vacuum system, welding the pieces for the mechanising device, mechanising of the main ring for the same device. It is not accounted. The proportion of these elements is not important so the error is not significant.

* Other free offered elements  are included in the table at the commercial approximate cost.

* I personally cut and mechanised many small and simple pieces for the mechanising device. It is not accounted.

* The vaccum system is the most expensive one. Many of the costly vacuum elements are ebay second hand items, usually 5 or even 10 times cheaper than new elements. The normal cost for this system could perfectly be 15000 or 30000€. The cost of the present system is only 1600€ but it has more breakdowns and the quality of the mechanical pump is too low.

* The time spent in the study, design, commissioning, purchases,  assembling, tests, start-up of UST_1 is not included. It has been accounted in a database and it will be analysed. However each hour could be hypothetically paid at 60€/hour for an average engineer or at 6€/hour for a low income worker. In any case the cost of work will be high because more than 2000 hours have been spent.

* The total expenditure from accounts is  3700€. The total assigned to particular systems is 2678€, so ~1000€ was the inversion to improve the laboratory including: new tools and machinery, measuring devices, electronic and mechanical components, glues, materials, cleaning solvents, etc.

* The high vacuum pump in the vacuum system is very powerful (~150 L/s) so the vacuum system might be used for a bigger stellarator, perhaps 3 times larger.

* The cost of a stellarator 3 times larger, made using the same philosophy, named UST_2,  will be estimated soon.



Description Unit price Total     UST_2
    € €      
    Euros Euros      
  COST OF SYSTEMS          
  Vacuum vessel   51      
  Frame for grooves   5      
  In-site made special flexible copper conductors  for coils   75 approx    
  Mechanising device for grooves   222 some pieces offered free    
  TF power supplies + leads + main switch   206      
Diagnostics : field mapping system = camera + PC card + e-gun + movable fluorescent  rod 108
  Diagnostics :  mass spectroscopy = AMETEK DYCOR quadlink  (only 80€!! + transport + import taxes)   302 used, not tested yet    
  Diagnostics :  optical visible spectroscopy (without photodetector)   31 ebay, new    
  Vacuum system   1610      
ECH,  Heating system 68 not finished yet
  Vacuum vessel          
7 Elbow copper 4,8 33,6      
2 Solder tin 2,4 4,8      
1 Brass rod 3m for rings 3,4 3,4      
3 NW40 flanges 3 9      
  Frame for grooves          
  Plaster 5Kg   0,5      
  White cork mould   3      
  Wood glue for mould   1      
  Mechanising device          
  Motors, belts, wheels, bolts wood platform, bearings, guides, drills   220      
  Control unit (old personal design)   0      
  Main power supply (a power diode)   2      
  Electron guns          
3 Halogen bulbs 1,8 5,4      
  Cooper tubes pieces   1      
  2 Diamond disks (to cut bulbs)   3,8      
  TF power supplies          
5 Batteries 32 160      
  Leads 14m 50mm2   28,3 old piece    
5 Connectors 3 15      
  Contactor 450A (~2kA in pulses)   3 used    
  Fuse (aluminium wire)   0      
  Heating system          
  Microwave oven   44,9      
2 Microwave oven (test)   0 scrap    
  RF cables   15      
2 RF type N connectors 4 8      
  Other (not yet finished)          
  Vacuum system          
   Mechanical pump Pfeiffer DUO 004 A   240 used    
  Diffusion pump Leybold from e-microscope   149 used, repaired    
  Oil , Mechanical pump 1L   7      
  Oil , Mechanical pump 5L   30      
  Oil, diffusion pump, DC 704 , 0.5L 77 102 Lesker 25€ Transp.    
  Repair parts for Pfeiffer   59      
  Bourdon gauge   14,4      
2 Thermocouple gauge 39,5 104 Lesker 25€ Transp.    
  2 x Active inverted magnetron gauge   113 used    
  Capacitance gauge   42 used, repaired    
  10 vacuum clamps + o-rings   34 used    
  e-Vacuum valve NW40   164 ebay new    
  Vacuum fittings (~70% used in the device)   235 Hositrad    
  Vacuum fittings NW50 upgrade (~70% used in the device)   230 Hositrad    
  Copper tubes and brass fittings   60 approx    
  Gas ball valve   2,8      
3 Silver solder rods 2 6      
  o-rings and minor elements   20 approx    







I thank to the companies and individuals that lend or offered  many elements, manufacturing process or information by free. They contribute to reduce the real expenditure and to speed up the building process of UST_1.










Date of publication 26-08-2006.